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RedTruck Advantages

For Truck Owners

> More Load options. Find Loads Nearby your trucks
> Decrease the possibility running
   empty trucks
> Increase your truck running days
   to 100%
> Avoid so many phone calls

For Transporter

> More Tuck options Find Trucks
   nearby your loading point
> Avoid delay in transporting your
> Increase your business efficiency
0 0   to 100%
> 0Avoid so many phone calls

Free Registration

> Start your booking in less than 30 minutes

Payment Assistance

> Truck owner get the advance payment
   as soon as loading completed
> Assured halting and additional
   payment expenses based T&C
> Short terms capital assistance for
   transporters by providing advance
   payment from RedTrucks

Free GPS Tracker Services

> Track your vehicle
> Track your loads